Can you turn an early semester F into a passing grade?

College stress, coupled with young adult responsibilities may lead us to nearly failing or failing at the beginning of our semester in college. Many people choose to think negatively while trying to spread their negative thoughts, or just totally give up. Now, why is giving up and thinking negatively a bad thing? Because you can change that failing grade into, at the very least, a passing grade!

There are many people who believe that GPA is the indicator to how well someone knows the subject. I disagree. Many courses teach based on how well we remember and not enough on conceptual understanding. So, university students try to remember everything they can, when they should be understanding why and how things happen that way.

If I ever have a course that I am doing poorly on, I ALWAYS follow these bullet points:


  • Is this the right major for me? I always ask this, because Electrical Engineering can be difficult at times with how much material you need to know. Good thing I always answer yes and follow through.
  • How much time do I have to improve? Honestly, time is probably the limiting factor in everyone’s case. Time management skills are essential to anyone who wants to be successful after college. No matter the major.
  • What do I understand right now? Be honest with yourself. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses will give you the necessary feedback to focus on your weaker topics.
  • Do I believe in myself? This is the crux of anyone who is in a tough major and wants to give up. On plenty of occasion I have asked myself, “Why am I doing this? There are easier majors that pay better if not more!”. Going back to the first point, this rebuttal should be obvious for your doubting subconscious and should be enough to move on. But if you catch yourself being lazy and exhibiting bad habits, you should design a “Study schedule” that you focus on sticking to most to all the time slots to improve. (If anyone would like me to give my own schedule, I would be delighted!)

After I reflect on these bullets, I think a lot clearer, focus better on my goal of understanding the subject and finally, passing.

Yes, you can do it. Think positive, move forward, and do it! Thanks for reading.


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