Are you a leader? The uniformed pitfall

A leader, in my opinion, is someone who can guide groups of different minded people down the same path, while pushing them to highlight their strengths to achieve the same goal.


So why is being a uniformed leader a pitfall?

Working in corporate America, can leave a bad taste in your mouth depending on where you work. Many companies have leadership that comes in from the outside that only follow the book and have never done your production job, so they are not relatable at all. Being a uniformed leader here, will lead your company into a dead-end job for the people at the bottom.

In every organization, you have many groups of people coming together to achieve a common goal. A good leader can communicate effectively to every person whether on general terms or one-on-one. Another good trait of a good leader is the capability of being a good follower. Being able to follow orders makes you relatable with the people under you and will aid in tailoring your management skills and advice to meet their needs.


My advice? If you are a leader, please try and understand the people under you and learn the basics of their job(s). We need actual leaders that care about the work their production team does to get better results and profits for the company.


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