Polish – The never ending task for success

All of us in the world, to differing extents, want to be successful in what we love. The art of polishing one’s shoes may seem like an arduous task, however, a person chasing success can take notes from the process.

How to polish skills in your toolbox:

  1. Lay the groundwork; Go over the basics to make sure you understand the topic at the beginner’s level.
  2. Get rid of mistakes in your basic understanding.
  3. Tackle basic level problems in the real world using the basic understanding.
  4. Proceed to more advanced topics. Don’t feel discouraged and trust yourself.
  5. Depending on how comfortable you feel, repeat step 3 or 4. Do this until satisfied.

There are definitely geniuses in the world. But with hardwork and dedication to your craft, you can definitely make it as well.

Daily prompt: here


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