This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

Hello everyone! Gain Holmes here. A little about myself: grew up in Harlem(uptown Manhattan in NYC) to a hard working mother and father. I had an interest in circuits after receiving a small lab circuit that came with a physics book at a young age. However, going through many deaths in my family, including my father’s, I shunned all guidance given and went on a path that did not have my best in mind. Around 23 years of age, I found myself in Columbus, GA tackling engineering courses at Columbus State University designed to prepare you to transfer to a bigger university for engineering majors. I finally got to my final year and decided to go to The Georgia Institute of Technology. 2 years in with many internship experiences plus extensive knowledge from classroom labs and in depth assignments have prepared me for my final year here at GA Tech. I hope I can assist many students who are lost in some way and guide them on the right path.

Take care!